Massage Therapy
Restoring Muscle Function for Well Being

Massage therapy can be described as methodical friction, stroking or kneading of the body with the hands to relieve stress, promote relaxation, improve circulation and stimulate muscle function. The practitioners of this healing art are Registered Massage Therapists (RMT’s) who train for up to three years and must pass qualifying exams.  A massage can be a great way to relax a stressed body and can assist in helping injuries heal faster. As a co-treatment with Chiropractic or other therapy, a faster recovery may be possible.
Our registered massage therapists work in consultation with referring practitioners to address the health needs of each individual. Massage therapists are professionally trained to assess and treat a wide range of conditions from sports and work-related injuries to stress, headaches and arthritis. Muscle imbalances associated with these conditions, whether due to postural stressors or overuse, can cause pain and stiffness.
Massage therapy treatments focus on restoring muscles to supple, healthy state allowing for improved mobility and better support for your spine and joints. A sense of renewed energy and relaxation is often felt in response to these treatments. Once treatment goals are met, a recommended schedule of massage therapy would be once a month to maintain the benefits achieved.